2017 Visitors Survey

Updated: Apr 12, 2018

In November 2017, at the end of Year Four of #DesignPopUp, we sent out to all our visitors a survey asking questions about their experience at and impressions of our shows.

We were very grateful to have so many people answering the 10 questions that were part of the survey, and we found the answers and feedback extremely interesting and helpful.

We were also very excited to find out that 97% of the respondents confirmed they would surely come back to visit #DesignPopUp in 2018, and that 57% of them would most certainly specify products seen at our events and offered by our exhibitors.

It was also interesting to read that the majority of the interviewees confirmed that the main reason for visiting #DesignPopUp is to experience first-hand new products, closely followed by networking with friends and colleagues from the same industry.

Please feel free to download an extraction of the results of our survey below, should you wish to find out more about our visitors thoughts and profile.

We promised a case of Prosecco as a price for filling in the questionnaire and the lucky winner was Carol from Reiach and Hall in Edinburgh. We also awarded a bottle of Prosecco to May Ling at BDP Manchester for the most useful feedback, and to Ric at Dwelle for the best support received in 2017.

Download the full survey here.

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