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Designing for Health & Wellbeing

One Angel Square by BDP. Photo by Hufton + Crow

Our Springtime virtual panel discussed how the buildings we work and live in affect how we socialise, work, sleep, and even breathe.

We spend a staggering 90% of our lives inside, so our environment's quality has a significant impact on our health. Created badly, spaces can isolate or endanger us – designed well, they can enhance our wellbeing, even heal us.

Interior Design: Hunter's Daughter. Lighting Design: There's Light

Photography: Colin Ross

So how can we increase the health benefits of architecture?

Wellness architecture is a growing field – using design techniques to consciously create a balance between physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual health. Our expert panel discussed the power of architecture in promoting personal wellbeing.

The panel comprised experts from industry and academia, which provided wide-ranging insight and experience in different areas of design, architecture and research.

  • Dr Ute Besenecker – Associate Professor, KTH University of Stockholm

  • Philip Gray – Head of Sustainability, BDP

  • Rosalie Menon – Senior Lecturer & Researcher, Glasgow School of Art

  • Darran Prior – Lighting Designer, There's Light

To view the full article and enjoy the most beautiful images from our talented architect's projects, visit the Domus website.

A special thank you is extended to our presenting sponsor, Domus for their continued support, and for producing the most fantastic articles on our virtual panels.

We're also delighted to have welcomed Schlüter-Systems as one of our presenting sponsors - we're thrilled to have you on board.

Project Images: Powerscroft Road, London. Design by Daytrip Studio. Lighting Consultants, There's Light. Photo Credit: Jake Curtis

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