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Net Zero Carbon Building & Sustainable Architecture

A global responsibility with many challenges.

The last of the #DesignPopUp Virtual Panel of 2020 was incredible - our guest expert's discussion around 'Net Zero Carbon Building & Sustainable Architecture' proved to provide food for thought. Reaching the stretching targets set by the UK government will be no easy task. The panellists all agreed that while having targets in place, and a united focus on sustainability, is a good thing, it’s hard to meet targets when the regulations, measures and approaches which currently exist are all so disparate.

The panellists all suggested that the education sector is a great place to start;

Not only because schools are government-funded initiatives, but also because of the need to embed sustainability within the mindsets and approaches of a new generation, and to extend the role of schools within their communities to the collective benefit of society as a whole.

“The question is whether schools, in terms of a large-scale building programme for the UK, can lead the charge, representing the whole of the construction industry.”
Lee Bennett, Partner, Sheppard Robson Architects LLP

Oasis Academy, Surrey

Visit Domus' website here for the full synopsis of this fantastic virtual panel, and get the full insight into the panellists thoughts.

Lee Bennett, Partner, Sheppard Robson Architects LLP

Dr Sharon Wright, Senior Associate, the-learning-crowd

Mark Skelly, Skelly and Couch Ltd

Dr Stephen Finnegan, Zero Carbon Research Institute,

Liverpool University School of Architecture

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