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The Build to Rent Revolution

Pioneering products designed for residential developments

The Wullcomb; an award-winning Build to Rent development from Way of Life. Design by Franklin Ellis Architects & CallisonRTKL. Flooring by Domus.

Build to Rent (BtR) developments are on the rise. It’s an emerging topic covered in our latest virtual panel event that’s seeing more discerning renters drawn to properties with a spec built around their needs. Growing lifestyle-led expectations for young professionals are creating a unique set of requirements for architects and designers working on these projects.

An amenity space at The Wullcomb

So, what are the considerations for designing spaces to appeal to renters, keeping them content and prolonging their residency?

Accommodation that’s stylish, timeless and durable (read “cost-effective for developers”) is enduringly popular. But as BtR grows, encouraging community through cleverly configured – and often unique statement-making – amenity spaces is just as important.

“...these spaces can be set up for work, or as a lively hub or a space for hosting events. Amenity spaces and receptions should be designed to be adaptable.” 

Anya Sokolskaya, Creative Director & Co-Founder at Ten London, during our latest virtual event.

Ultimately, satisfying all parties means catering to renters’ needs and developers’ budgets, treading the balance of: 

Style – modern, on-trend materials that attract reliable renters Durability – quality designs that last for years of regular use, and stay looking great

Adaptability – allowing the space to fulfil working, socialising and relaxation needs

Community – creating the connections and lifestyle benefits that make renters stay

Self-sufficiency – for optimising income, tenants need to be able to use the space and services without an on-site team 

Budget – affordable, cost-effective products to boost the building’s ROI  


Style, durability, and affordability are the requirements here. And leading product suppliers are responding to the need. Crosswater, Domus, Sylan, and TopBrewer are all setting the standard for the market by creating products with BtR specs in mind. 


Bathroom taps and shower fittings are the overlooked hero of the home. Crosswater’s are designed to be modern, stylish and cost-effective, backed up with long guarantees. Visit


Domus has risen to the BtR challenge with a collection of products created specifically for the sector. With their Essentials 2.0 Collection, they offer a vast selection of on-trend and sensitively priced tiles and engineered flooring, to cover surfaces both inside and out. The collection is reliably high-performance and low maintenance, with enough variety to create unique, statement spaces. And Domus has a dedicated BtR team to provide specialised knowledge, support and design expertise for any technical challenge. Visit


Communal areas see exceptionally high traffic in BtR. Sylan’s High Pressure Laminate is designed for precisely that job. Bespoke built, individually customisable in 34 colour options. It’s durable and beautifully engineered. Think scratch-resistant materials, invisible fixings and elegant 44mm thick doors. Visit


Cutting edge tech gives BtR an edge over other rental types. The latest smart home technology is a substantial draw for residents, especially for something as sacred as the morning coffee. TopBrewer has reimagined the coffee machine with an innovative under-counter design, sleek swan-neck tap and app (and voice) control technology. Built to last, it’s user-friendly, self-serve and achingly cool. Visit

Building Community 

“We should forget that it is a building that is being designed, and focus instead on creating a quality home for residents. Creating a lively and safe neighbourhood. Having a vision, a space for residents to have fun together, to drink together, to dance together: to create a community”  

Sowgol Zarinchang, Managing Director at Way of Life, during our latest virtual event

Specifying the right products will enhance personal well-being and promote social interaction – the lifestyle benefits that are the biggest differentiators in BtR. That means improved home comforts in personal living spaces, alongside creating opportunities for residents to connect and build communities via shared spaces and events. 

How are the best BtR spaces building a community?

See into the future with our latest virtual panel of design and co-living experts:

Are you an architect or designer with knowledge to share? Host a virtual event with us.

Virtual events are made possible with the valuable participation from amazing specification brands.


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