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Reshaping #DesignPopup for 2021

It’s been all change this year, but for 2021 we’re back with #DesignPopUp exhibitions!

Like for many of you, 2020 has made us focus on what’s important. We’ve been desperate to bring all of you incredible A&D professionals back together at the physical events, with a new sense of purpose. We know from the way the community has rallied together that there’s still so much appetite for discovery. Your enthusiasm has turned our new virtual panels into a regular feature, and it’s spurred us on to launch a newly designed website (welcome!), and a new plan for 2021.

That’s right. With careful planning and positivity, we’ve laid the foundations for #DesignPopUp’s return next year. After months apart, and drastic changes to the way we work, it’s time. The world has changed, but it hasn’t stopped. And as a tactile and personal industry, we’ve never been more ready for new inspiration. To be back, interacting in person. Holding and feeling new products. Engaging with light and texture and detail. As people passionate about the physical environment. As designers of spaces made to bring people together – it’s crucial to keep pushing ourselves creatively and adapt to changes in the industry and the way we live.

It will be different, but the ethos of the events will stay the same. We’ll still have leading brands, inspiring discussions and renowned Parmesan & Prosecco parties. And, of course, we’re committed to making it as easy as possible for everyone to feel safe and happy on site.

These are the dates to look forward to in 2021:

Dublin* – will be back in 2022!

(*with a new two-day format)

To find out more, including the daily programme for each venue, visit our Events page.


Learn how to Get Involved.

And please, talk to us if you have questions about plans for the events.


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