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#DESIGNPOPUP (the 'event')

The #DesignPopUp Events are organised by Double S Events Ltd (DS) – Mid Auchengowan, Lochwinnoch PA12 4JS, UK, company number SC528577, VAT 179 8506 53 – and are designed as a platform where exhibiting companies (Exhibitor) can showcase their latest products and innovations to architects, designers, specifiers and other relevant parties.  


This document lays out the Terms and Conditions applicable to the participation to #DesignPopUp and agreement to participate is subject to acceptance of these terms.



   a) Exhibiting is personal and non-transferable 

   b) If an exhibitor fails to settle all amounts by the due dates, DS is entitled to remove the exhibitor from the list of exhibitors. This will         not release the exhibitor from the obligation of meeting all his financial commitments.



    a)  Stands at #DesignPopUp are raw space only.  

    b)  The Exhibitor will not have the right or the authority to assign, sub-let or further offer for hire the exhibition space to any third                 party.  

    c)  DS shall endeavour to meet requests for specific stand locations where possible, and in the order in which bookings are                         received. In no case DS is obliged to allocate a specific stand location to an Exhibitor.  

    d)  DS is entitled to modify the floor plan of the Event at any moment, to meet the demands of modified circumstances.  

    e)  In the interest of all exhibitors and participants, and because of the nature of #DesignPopUp, stand design will be required to be           coordinated to ensure that the maximum heights and designs themselves do not compromise other Exhibitors. Final say in this             remains with DS but all parties will be consulted to ensure a workable agreement is achieved. It is recommended that all design           proposals be submitted to DS for approval.  

    f)  No alterations may be made to the layout or appearance of the Venue without the express approval in writing of DS. In particular           the Exhibitor shall ensure that nothing is fixed to the floors, walls, ceilings or any other interior or exterior of the buildings by                   means of nails, screws, drawing pins, glue or any other means that could damage the Venue.   

   g)  The Exhibitor shall take all reasonable precautions to ensure that no damage or injury occurs to the property of the Venue                       (including building and contents) or its employees. In the event of any damage occurring, DS reserves the right to render the                 Exhibitor liable for the replacement or repair of any or all property damaged. In the event of any member of staff of Venue/DS               being injured by the Exhibitor, or by anyone attending the Event, the Exhibitor shall be liable for any claims arising. The Exhibitor           must therefore effect and maintain Public Liability Insurance, which will indemnify the Exhibitor against any claims, costs,                       proceedings, charges and expenses incurred in respect of any injury to any person or loss of or damage to any property which             occurs while the Exhibitor, its employees, guests or contractors attend the Venue for the purpose of the booked event  

   h)  DS accepts no responsibility or liability for the theft, loss or damage of any property of the Exhibitor, guests or any other person            connected with the Exhibitor. Items left or deposited on the Venue are left or deposited at the owner’s risk.  

    i)  The Exhibitor shall be liable and shall indemnify DS in respect of any loss, damage or injury which may be incurred or be done or           happen to the Exhibitor by reason of the Exhibitor’s use of the Venue.  

    j)  No work or equipment shall be left in front of fire exits or blocking access walkways around the Venue at any time during the                installation or exhibition.  

    k) The Exhibitor should satisfy themselves that any sub-contractors to be used by the Exhibitor on the Venue (including but not                limited to installers, florists, lighting engineers and photographers) acknowledge that they have their own personal accident and          professional indemnity insurance cover for participation in their professional activities.



    a)  The Exhibitor will provide all their own fixtures and fittings for the successful installation of their exhibition to a safe and                            professional standard.  

    b)  The Exhibitor will be responsible for the cost of his/her own exhibition graphics, displays and exhibition handouts.  

    c)  The Exhibitor will return his/her stand area to DS in a clean and tidy condition.  

    d)  If the Venue is not left in a tidy condition to the satisfaction of DS, DS reserves the right to charge the Exhibitor for all costs and              expenses incurred by DS in returning the Venue to a satisfactory condition.  


    a)  No exhibition stand fitting may be dismantled/removed until the official end of the show. 

    b)  All displays, exhibition materials, litter and anything brought into the Venue by the Exhibitor must be removed by the Exhibitor.  

    c)  All packaging material must be removed after the set-up is complete and cannot be stored at the Venue during the Event.  

    d)  Any equipment left in the Venue after this time, without prior arrangement with DS, will be removed to a 3rd party storage                     facility. DS reserves the right to charge the Exhibitor all costs and expenses incurred by so doing.  


    a)  Any publicity and promotion undertaken by the Exhibitor of the Event must include the logo of #DesignPopUp.  

    b)  All printed material to be produced in connection with the Event, included but not limited 
to press releases, invitations, and               carrying the Event’s logo, shall be subject to DS’ prior written approval.  

    c)  The Exhibitor must disclose to DS the full range of guests whom it is intended should 
attend the Exhibition and the launch                 party and the means by which guests are to be invited.  

    d)  The costs of catering for the private views, meetings and evening launch party will be covered by DS and are included into the              participation fee.   

    e)  The management reserves the right to insist on the immediate departure of any guest, sub - contractor or members of the                     Exhibitor’s party whose behaviour threatens to harm other persons (including DS staff) or whose behaviour may give rise to                     damage to the Venue or other DS property.  




    a)  The participation fee to #DesignPopUp depends on the selected participation package (Small, Medium, Large) as per the                     attached events’ brochure. 

    b)  The prices mentioned in the attached brochure do NOT include VAT. 

    c)  The payment of a deposit of 30% of the total participation fee is required in order to secure the booking of one or more                           #DesignPopUp editions 

    d)  The balance payment must be made in full by the Exhibitor within 28 days prior to the first opening day of the Event(s) the                     Exhibitor has applied for.  

    e)  If an invoice or part thereof is not settled by the due date as per condition 6.d, then the Exhibitor will NOT be allowed                               participation to the Event and our Cancellation Policy will then be applied, refer to clause 1b.  

    f)   Payments may be made by bank transfer.  


    a)  Should the Exhibitor require to cancel the booking with DS the following policy will apply: 

         Date of Cancellation                                                                                     Cancellation charge payable to DS 

         More than 90 days before the event                                                        the deposit paid or due 

         89 days or less                                                                                                 100% of total participation fee 

   b)  The cancellation charges detailed above are expressed exclusive of any applicable VAT. 

   c)  DS reserves the right to release the exhibition space upon cancellation by the exhibitor and to rent it to a third party. Only DS                holds the right to rent exhibition space to a third party.  

   d)  In the event that DS changes the location or venue of the Event, or the date or dates on which the Event is to be held, DS will                 provide the Exhibitor with notice of that change as soon as practicably possible.  

   e)  Occasionally circumstances will arise which result in the need to cancel an event. When this is the case DS will take active and               positive steps to inform the Exhibitor as soon as possible by phone and/or email.   DS reserves the right to modify or cancel any           event if unforeseen circumstances arise but it will always do its utmost to avoid doing so.   

   f)   Should DS be required to cancel or postpone the event for any reason, if this is NOT due to circumstances beyond its control,              exhibitors are entitled to the reimbursement of any deposits and invoices already paid to DS, but they are not entitled to claim              any compensation. DS shall not accept liability for any consequential loss and shall have no liability to reimburse any other costs          that may have been incurred, including transport costs, accommodation etc. 


        Double S Events Ltd Reg Office: Mid Auchengowan, Lochwinnoch, PA12 4JS, UK 

        Company number: SC528577 

        VAT Reg No: 179 8506 53  

        This agreement is subject to Scottish Law. 



        Terms and Conditions accepted by the Exhibitor 

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