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A live presentation at #DesignPopUp Glasgow by Chris Simmonds, Page\Park Architects

Resilient Housing
for the Future

Thursday, 30 Sept 2021 at 12.30 pm

Join us in person at
Platform Glasgow (Arch 2) 

Project Image: The Page\Park competition entry for Home of 2030

The disruption created by the global pandemic has forced people to re-evaluate the way they live and the balance between work and home. This re-thinking has led to questions about the suitability and resilience of our houses and how adaptable they are.


Page\Park have investigated these issues in their recent Home of 2030 competition entry, which developed a modular housing system enabling a range of housing types, which can change over time, adapting to people's needs. By reducing the need for people to move when their circumstances change and for buildings to be adjusted easily, the carbon footprint of housing reduces, creating more sustainable communities.​

Architect Chris Simmonds reveals the teams' insights into designing better housing.

Join us live at the #DesignPopUp Glasgow exhibition in the beautiful Platform Glasgow (Arch 2): 253 Argyle St, G2 8DL  (map)

About the Presenter

The Panel
Chris Simmonds.jpg

Chris Simmonds
Architect, Page\Park Architects

Chris Simmonds heads up the ‘Places to Live’ team at Page/Park Architects, where he has been active in housing design for over 25 years. He has led award-winning city centre urban regeneration projects in Glasgow and Edinburgh with private and public sector clients.


More recently, he has been involved with projects involving conversions of Listed Buildings and projects in Conservation Areas. Chris considers housing as the platform from which people’s lives spring and the centre around which community life revolves.


A live presentation at #DesignPopUp Glasgow

Resilient Housing for the Future

Thursday, 30 Sept 2021 at 12.30 pm

Join us in person at Platform Glasgow (Arch 2) 

This talk is part of the 2-day exhibition at Platform Glasgow (29 to 30 Sept).
Head over to the Glasgow page for the full programme of events and to see what specification brands are exhibiting. 

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