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A live presentation at #DesignPopUp Belfast

by Gordon Yeaman, Michael Laird Architects

Transformational Stories – designing spaces for people

This event took place live on Tuesday, 12th September at 5.30 pm at the Belfast exhibition.

Read the write-up to catch up on all the insights revealed at the talk.

As designers and architects, we are taught to believe in the power of design. Power not only to delight and inspire but the power to send messages, create experiences and enable change. 

In today’s commercial world, we don’t often discover the difference our projects make to our clients, occupiers and communities.

At MLA we have woven the practice of Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE) into our projects, and in doing so, we learn more about our project’s successes and challenges, which we share with our wider business.

Our POE practice involves measurement and conversation, and the combination of these has allowed us to unlock the transformational and often unpredictable benefits design can provide.

Using Case studies, Gordon Yeaman will share some of our experiences, and we look forward to a lively discussion afterwards.


The Presenter

The Panel

Gordon Yeaman
Director, Michael Laird Architects

Gordon joined the team as an Associate in 2017 with over ten years of experience in the industry. He graduated from Glasgow School of Art and has since worked in practice on multiple Architectural and Interior projects, both nationally and internationally.

He is an Interior Designer, Job Runner and Workplace Consultant, bringing a wealth of knowledge and design expertise from his broad experience across various sectors — particularly workplace and healthcare. Promoted to Director in 2020, Gordon is passionate about workplace strategy and has helped shape the vision and briefing for many of his clients.


A live presentation at #DesignPopUp Belfast

Gordon Yeaman, Michael Laird Architects – Transformational Stories

Tuesday, 12th September, 5.30 – 7 pm

This talk is part of the 2-day exhibition at Titanic Hotel (12 to 13 September).
Head over to the Belfast page for the full programme of events and to see what specification brands are exhibiting. 

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